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Videography Services

Freelance video production; camera work, post production, and visual effects. I'm available to lend my meticulous eye, skills, and expertise...

Capture & camera work

With focus on cinematic imaging, I craft elegant shots which will engage and excite.

I employ very high standards and have useful specialist skills, such as camera stabilisation, timelapse, and aerial photography.

Perfectly cut edits

Expect seamless editing with pacing control, creative flare, and a firm eye on continuity.

I'm adept at complimenting edited pieces with dynamic cuts to music, excelling at incorporating sound design for added depth.

Beautiful colour

Years of digital design and imaging experience has given me a rock solid understanding of how to treat colour.

Innumerable hours of training, and project work, has engrained colour management and grading techniques essential for modern day video.

Visual effects

I have an unbounded passion and drive for creating exciting visual effects.

I can undertake; green screen work, clean ups, people & object removal, motion graphics, integration of 3D, and lots more.